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Why you should invest in DHA Multan?

Why you should invest in DHA Multan?

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14 Apr, 22

Suppose you are looking for a residential place that offers standard residence with state-of-the-art amenities in a good environment. In that case, then-Defense Housing Authority Multan is the right option. It is an affordable and the most prominent housing society in Multan. Due to its innovative development and modern facilities, it inspires investors around the country.

Do you want to Invest in DHA Multan? After developing the phase 1 balloting, the DHA Multan housing society has attained the attention of the investors. It is an MDA-approved society that contains all the essential and modern developments. Bodla Group assures you that investing here can bring productive and big fallouts in the coming future.

About DHA Multan

The most difficult decision to make is to relocate to a new place about which you have no idea. You have to consider many aspects before finalizing a perfect residential location where you can safely accommodate your family. We know you are intelligent enough to make the right decision, so for your assistance, we suggest taking an overview of DHA Multan before investing anywhere in Multan.

A summarized description of the people who are already a part of the city or the ones who had been the residents of Multan would be the best you can do. After all, nobody can judge it better than the people who have experienced various facades of the place and the community members. To give you a hint of what it is all about, you can proceed to take a quick read.

Residential areas

The DHA Multan Housing Society has brought an attractive opportunity to purchase your plot on easy installment. The housing society offers residential homes and plots in different sizes, including

  1. 2 Kanal
  2. 1Kanal
  3. 10 Marlas
  4. 8 Marlas
  5. 5 Marlas

The houses and plots in the most populous area of the strongest nation globally are available for the people to buy at affordable rates. The houses and residential plots are on sale in the city upland of Multan.

It is a place that offers high-quality living standards without getting heavy on the pocket. The cost of living is very low; hence, you do not have to worry if you do not have a good job. You have much time to work hard and struggle.

Commercial Areas

The commercial plots are available in 4 Marlas and 8 Marlas. The entire development will be completed on time and includes

  1. Convention centers
  2. Aquariums
  3. Stadiums
  4. Arenas
  5. Parades
  6. Campgrounds
  7. Amusement parks
  8. Conference centers
  9. Motels
  10. Hotels
  11. Broadcast media
  12. Studios

The housing society is built so that you could have access to markets, showrooms, malls, hospitals, banks, and other entertainment places like playgrounds and cinemas, etc.


Not only this, you can visit the lavish villas here that are under construction. You access the team for booking those villas because it will be open soon for booking. The Bodla Builders are handling this project, and they are constructing luxurious villas in modern architecture. There are three categories based on size details:

  1. 12 Marla (5-Bedroom) Villa
  2. 9 Marla (4-Bedroom) Villa
  3. 6 Marla (3-Bedroom) Villa

Don’t forget to visit the sight office and book your dream villa today.

Reasons to invest in DHA Multan

Some of the reasons to join the society for investment are here:

        1. The prime location of DHA Multan:

At Bosan Road Bhauddin Zakariya University, this Defense Housing Authority has dual entrances from Matital Road and Bosan Road. Society is easy to access for people who are unaware of this place. It is positioned in the heart of the city, so the majority of the residents like to reside here. The link roads have been developed, which are helpful to decrease time and go to the city's main areas. To check the lavish houses here, you can check the location on the enclave map.

With a moderate population of 73000, the city is among those cities in the country that are progressing rapidly. The city has huge flora and fauna. Even the species which are endangered could be found here. Thus it has a huge diversity. There are many types of trees planted everywhere in the city, which provide better air to breathe and a better environment to live by reducing the pollution effect. 

         2. Located nearby Motorway:

DHA Multan is the largest housing project linked directly to the motorway. You can easily go motorway routes when you want. In this way, it will reduce your cost and traveling time.

Is traffic one of those things that frustrate the hell out of you? You can take a sigh of relief if you are looking for an investment opportunity. You can invest in DHA Multan because the city has very mild traffic; hence you do not have to rush to the destination several hours more than the traveling time.  You might consider it a joke, but this is because you lack knowledge about the various other cities of the country as compared to other cities, the city has a much-managed traffic system. Though it is considered the country with a growing population, Multan traffic control is well appreciable.

         3. Easy access to public transport:

If you do not have your own conveyance, then Public transportation is at easy access. Even the government takes extremely well care of the public transportation system.

Apart from these, the local people promote bicycles and walking short distances. It is all because of the constructive thoughts and ideologies of the residents that make it a better place to live.

         4. Welcome to the most sophisticated Society:

Indeed, the people you live around leave a great impact on your personality. Hence it becomes really important to choose the right ones. You do not have to be choosy in the community when living in DHA Multan. The entire area contains sophisticated, courteous, friendly and happy people. They are helpful and decent. In fact, this is a residential society that is designed with the modern features and decent families prefer to reside here. Due to all this reason, the environment of the society is safe and secure as well as people are sophisticated. You will love to enjoy the meet ups here. The neighborhood is decent and helpful.

To make a wise decision, you need to act wisely. So instead of believing in the myths associated with the place that calls it a ‘crappy’ place to live, use your senses and believe in what you see.

You can invest in DHA Multan because, in turn, it will become one of the best decisions of your life.

         5. Preference of many professional and Famous Developers:

Investment in DHA Multan is every developer's dream because it will give 100% benefit in the coming future. Here an international construction company is constructing and developing the society. The local experienced engineers and developers are working on this project. They are famous in the area and have a good reputation.

         6. Best and wholesome entertainment:

There are several parks opened by the city authority for the people to walk, jog, exercise, and for the children, there are some swings placed in those parks so that everyone in the city stays fit and healthy. You can find many people, at dawn and dusk, coming to the green parks and enjoying their moments here. You could also be the one if you buy or even invest the houses in college park. If you live in these houses, you will yourself be able to differentiate between the two lifestyles that are the one you are living presently and the one you will be living there in paradise "upland." You will get to know how beneficial it is to be in a place like DHA Multan. The best way to upgrade your lifestyle is to change your living place. This is because our societies vastly affect our daily lives, moral values, sincerity, discipline, and progress rate. So, you should be in a place like Upland, Multan, where you can buy or invest in DHA Multan.

         7. The modern way of construction:

With the modern construction features, this society is designed with the high-quality construction style. If you are thinking to settle here, then you are thinking in the right way. The construction style is highly safe and modern here. No doubt, you will admire all these features and development of the society. The entire area is designed by the capable and experienced architectures and builders. They know the modern needs of the residential societies. This is the reason; you will not feel bad living here. It will give you an extra-ordinary style and standard of living.

          8. Affordable residence:

The prices of the property are not much higher and living cost it reasonable here. The packages are highly reasonable for the majority of the users. It is highly suitable for the majority of the residents who want to have an affordable and suitable living. It is simple to access the residence here in your budget.

It is a wide network that offers you a quality residence within no time. These residences contain innovative facilities for the users. For making your stay comfortable, you need to invest in DHA Multan.

         9. Posh areas of Multan City:

DHA Multan is situated in the posh areas of the city. The entire commercial area is well-developed here, and it is the city's hub for economic activities. This area offers a sophisticated environment for the residents.

The food has excellent stuff for the foodies. You can enjoy your meals in the coolest ambiance of the city's restaurants and hotels. The coffee shops and hangout joints are always found overcrowded in this city.

         10. 24/7 Security Alert:

It is the most important factor on which every citizen focuses. DHA Multan ensures the security of the public just like other residential societies such as Blue World City. It provided the latest security systems and was geared with innovative technology. For the security of the residents, a police station will be developed there. It is ready to construct here. Moreover, efficient and innovative cameras are installed in the entire area. In a nutshell, all the security facilities shall be provided on a priority basis.

You will feel extremely safe in the security of the potential military officers and cops. You will be provided with unconditional health, education, transport, and services.

What more would you demand? Now is the time to make the right decision. Do not wait anymore and take a look at the DHA city Multan.

         11. Easy access to schools and colleges:

For the residents, the society offers quality education here since the colleges and schools buildings are constructed here. All the top-class schools and college managements access the area for the ease of the residents.

Education runs in the veins of its people. They believe in moving with time and hence are tech-savvy. The University is well-known. Some of the major institutions lie close to the place.

         12. Hospitals and Medical Facilities:

It is one of the most important facilities that you need to access. The housing society offers all these medical facilities to residents, such as cardiology, gyne, cancer, dental, liver, child and mother care, eye, kidney, orthopedics/hand, and surgery. These medical centers and hospitals are well-equipped with modern instruments and machinery and experienced medical staff.


All these facilities make this society the best option for living. In the future, it will be a well-developed Housing Society that is well-furnished with modern facilities. Therefore, it will be a good decision to invest in DHA Multan so that you will enjoy safe and luxurious living here. The Opportunity is knocking on your doorstep. It is the opportunity to change your life and make it better. You need to open the door and say yes to it. The houses will provide you with a royal life with all facilities available. Do not wait and waste time thinking; give yourself a break and come to Upland, Multan.