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How to Sell your Property quickly?

How to Sell your Property quickly?

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29 Aug, 22

Selling a home can be hassle for many. Especially for those who have long work hours and less flexibility. Many people take this venture upon themselves to sell their homes. This is mainly because either they consider them competent enough or think of hiring a real estate agent as waste of money. There’s no issue in selling your property yourself, however this process demands giving time to potential customers. A big turn off for a lot of people is not getting to visit the property on the promised times. Some people, in hopes to snag good deals wish to visit the property during day times. However, this is not possible for people who work during daytime. Thus, it gets difficult for them to sell their house on themselves and end up sitting on the property for way too long. Moreover, it is not possible for everyone to sell their property at the better price. If you want to sell your property quickly, you are in the right place.

This blog talks in detail about how to sell your property as quickly as possible.

First, let’s talk about an important issue at hand. As we have talked about this above as well, selling property on your own can be time consuming. In a lot of cases, it bears no fruit. Thus, to speed up your process of selling your house you need a real estate agent. Despite some cons, their pros far outweigh the latter. Hiring a real estate agent not only makes the process easy but also enhances your chances of snagging a better deal. If you’re not sure about hiring individuals and are doubting their abilities, you can contract agencies such as Bodla Group. Our team of highly trained brokers will make sure you get the best deals and is as less time as possible. You don’t have to worry about anything. All you need to worry about is clearing out your house.

In addition to hiring real estate agents there are quite a few things to speed up the process. You can follow these simple techniques whether you hire a real estate agent or not. They are listed down below and are easy to follow:

  • Clean the exterior of your property

The exterior of the house is just as important as the interior, if not more. It speaks a lot about the house and how it has been maintained over the years. Dirty walls, uncut lawn grass and mold on the driveway is never a good indication. If your house has the same exterior outlook, it is more likely to not sell. A simple can be to clean up the exterior properly. It can be done in two ways:

You can either clean up the house yourself or hire a cleaning company. Cleaning up the walls, roof and tidying up the lawns goes a long way. Neat, clean, and well-maintained lawns are always a good site. Moreover, well maintained curbs tell the potential buyers that you care about the house and have maintained it well over the years.

  • Hire professional photographers

An important thing to attract more buyers is to market it properly. People value good and detailed photographs a lot. Hire a professional photographer to attract more people. Ask them to cover as many nooks and upload as many photographs as possible. This gives the people a better idea about the property, and they can make up their mind in a better way before visiting the property. This way only serious people will want to visit the property. It not only saves you time but also you don’t have to keep showing your property to non-serious buyers.

  • Thoroughly clean the interior of your property

Dirty properties give off a feeling that they are not well taken care of. Many people are very concerned about this and quite a few people are allergic to dust. Welcoming them into dirty spaces can most definitely cause your deal to go bad. Moreover, such things are used as negotiation points if the buyers decide to buy the property. Thus, always make sure your house is thoroughly cleaned and well maintained.

It is a proven fact that a lot of people make up their mind within 5 to 6 seconds of entering your property. If your house is clean and well maintained, they will identify that in the first few seconds and make up their mind immediately. Make sure to focus on the entrance area of your house.

  • Remove odd smells

A lot of houses look good as they are. They are well maintained and well looked after. However, they have odd smells spread throughout the house. This can be an indicator that the house has some issues for example: plumbing issues. A lot of houses suffer these smells. Most of the times it is because of a bad drainage system or an issue in the plumbing system. These smells are sometimes so strong and pungent that people avoid such homes at all costs. Another reason is that potential buyers think that the house needs major repairs. A lot of people don’t want to invest a lot of money in repairs. Before putting the house up for sale, make sure it smells nice. Studies have shown that people have a deep connection with smells. They tend to lean towards nice looking and nice smelling things.

  • Make the necessary repairs needed throughout the house

Almost every house that has been used for a couple of years goes through some wear and tear. However, if you keep maintaining it regularly it prolongs the overall life of your house. People want to buy properties that show signs of their owners taking care of them. It gives some extra points to your house while it is being sold and a lot of times people secure better deals. If you show around a house that has broken faucets etc. chances, are you will have to drop down from the price you initially intended. However, if you show around a house that has been maintained and repaired regularly people will be willing to pay a bit more than what they initially intended.

  • Declutter your house

Cluttered up spaces make the house look smaller than it originally is. Sometimes, the rooms are big however they look small because of all the clutter there is in the room. To make your house look open and big declutter it. It also has an extra benefit. People that suffer from claustrophobia find it very hard and suffocating in small and tight spaces, even though they originally aren’t that small. Cluttered up spaces give them a really hard time. Thus, to make it easy for them decluttering your house can be a great step. You should take every person into account. Any one of them can be the buyer for your house. Thus, try to address them all when you are preparing your house.

  • Remove things that are of sentimental value to you

Littering your house with personal belongings that are of sentimental value to you is a good thing. It shows your affection towards your loved ones. However, while showing your house to potential buyers this can be a negative point. People usually buy things depending on how they feel about them. A house is the biggest and most valuable purchase for people. Thus, to really make it home, people tend to buy a place that feels like theirs. Littering your house with things that are of sentimental value to you gets in the way of that. The house feels more like yours rather than theirs. You need to make the decision making easier for people by making them feel comfortable and at home. Removing such things can be a good step to boost this and help people’s decision making.

  • Make your house look as roomy and open as possible

People are really attracted to houses that look roomy, airy, and open. They feel more comfortable in such places. Inviting them in places that looked boxed up is never a good thing to do. Thus, to make your house as roomy as possible, try to open your curtains all the way. Let the sunshine as much as possible. Opening the windows is always a good thing to do. That is because it lets the air and cross through the house. It gives a fresh feeling and adds extra points to your house.

This is usually a good thing to do as people feel more relaxed in such spaces. This increases the chances of your house selling. Another effective way is to arrange the furniture in such a way that makes the room more open. If you don’t know how to do that, don’t worry. You can find plenty of ways online to effectively arrange your furniture. There are multiple platforms where you can find dozens of décor styles.

  • Stage your home properly

Staging your home before putting it up for sale is a great way of ensuring that your house sells. You need to figure out what to do in the staging process, however, don’t get too carried away. Invest only as much money that improves the outlook of house and increases its chances of selling.

You can start by selecting a theme for your house and then follow it through your house. A lot of people like to put in a lot of color throughout their homes. Although this is a great way to bring out your inner artist, sometimes such paints and designs get a bit too much. Dark colored walls make your house look small and congested. However, it doesn’t mean that you paint everything white to keep it simple. This is also not a good strategy. Choose pastel colors that add a little bit of character to your walls. To compliment those colors, choose slightly contrasting furniture. This is where you can play with colors and add beautiful colors that really bring about the most of your room. This is also starting to become a trend as more and more people are starting to follow such themes.

However, it is possible that you cannot find the perfect balance. You don’t have to worry and take everything into your hands. You can always contract home stagers that can help you in achieving the best look for your house. An added benefit of hiring them is that they know what kind of theme is demand the most at any given moment. This can really help you close the deal. To find more detail, we have an in-depth blog on home staging. Visit it to find all the information on home staging and how to do it properly.

  • Give people as much information as possible

A lot of people hesitate in giving away information about their house. However, it is not a good practice to do so. It gives away the impression that the homeowner is hiding something from the buyers. Thus, provide as much information as possible that helps them to understand the property. Try to put forth as many positive points as possible.

Some good points can be:

    • If your house is in a good society, mention that and tell them the benefits of living in that community.
    • Describe the features of your house
    • If your house is situated near commercial areas or places of worship, mention that as well. These are usually very solid points and help in closing the deal.
    • Another good way can be by mentioning nearby schools etc.

These points show the positive features of that property. A lot of people look for houses that are nearby commercial areas. For their convenience, schools and place of worship also play an important part. Thus, if you have such luxuries, mention them as well. They usually amount to better deals than houses that don’t have these luxuries.

  • Survey the market before setting a price

Always survey the market to find the prices of houses that have similar features as yours. This way you can make sure you are not asking for more than you should. Reasonably priced house sells quicker than the ones priced higher. However, don’t set too low a price. To really understand what your house should be priced at, survey the market.

  • Be flexible with showing your property to potential buyers

To finalize a deal, try to be a bit flexible with showing your property to potential buyers. To make sure that you deliver on your commitments, set such times for meetings that you can deliver on. Otherwise, people will lose interest in your property.

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