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How is the new technology impacting the Real Estate Industry?

How is the new technology impacting the Real Estate Industry?

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26 May, 22

We are in an age of rapid technological advancements. Technology is changing each aspect of our lives. It is changing the present, but it also is shaping the future. It impacts how we live, communicate, move, think, and work. The Real Estate Industry is no exception to that. In short, it has an impact on how we exist. In the late half of the 20th century, the advancements in science and technology got astounding. And now, in the 21st century, it is all about inventions and innovations.


The Age of Disruption:

 We won't be wrong in saying that this is the age of disruptions. Technology has disrupted numerous businesses and modelling techniques. The rate of these disruptions is increasing exponentially. The current pandemic just boosted the speed of advancements and disruption many folds. We are where we should have been in 2032. The shift towards new technology is gradual as people become more familiar with the technology. However, the circumstances now are forcing us to adapt to new technology quickly to stay in the market.


The inventions and innovations are fueling the competition in business. We are in a constant struggle to be the best in the current scenario, in the struggle to innovate and make the life of consumers easy. That is the only way to cope with the speeding changes and stay in business. As with other markets and industries, Real Estate Industry is also improving and innovating for its customers. This blog will investigate the innovations, impacts, and changes technology brings to the Real Estate Industry.


      1. Online Presence:

It is impossible to survive in the market for long without an online presence. One of the initial steps in any business plan is to have a digital presence. The online presence of Real estate businesses in the industry made it convenient for customers to find what they want without unnecessary visits. Furthermore, it's also convenient for the businesses in the Real Estate Industry to find customers. Buying and selling real estate used to entail much physical movement. Real estate agents used to take their clients on a city tour, looking at various properties. For all parties involved, this was a time-consuming process. Buying and selling real estate has become far less complicated in recent years. Technology now makes it relatively simple for anyone to buy and sell property worldwide.

An example of online presence is social media. Social media has a significant impact on consumers. By far, the perfect platform for real estate developers to promote their projects and draw the attention of their target audience is social media. With a click of a few buttons, property seekers can learn about the latest property developers and their projects and the infrastructure of a building or society.


      2. Can Target Globally:

Online presence, as stated earlier, has revolutionized the business sector. Due to these changes and advancements, it has become easy for the businesses in Real Estate Industry to target huge markets wherever in the world they want. You can target and reach out to a potential customer hundreds of miles away with just a click. They can have options and ideas of what they are looking for through images, videos, and online reviews. And they can visit when it's an absolute necessity. So, on the one hand, due to the online presence, it is easy to target global markets for Real estate companies like Bodla group, which has an organized and user-friendly website and social media presence. On the other hand, it is also a relief for the potential customers, who can find, check, and decide what and where to buy effortlessly.


      3. Easy to have a vast database:

There is no doubt that a thorough database can significantly impact your business. It will help from driving business decisions to improving consumer experiences. Many real estate companies collect a large amount of data that is stored. Furthermore, they have analytics to identify Real Estate Industry trends or consumer behaviors based on the database. Real estate companies that want to target the right clients must understand what they are like if they want to purchase, where they are, and how to reach them effectively. Using a vast database is a beneficial way to identify the correct buyers and target them. It is a vital piece in perfecting the real estate process. Many companies like the Bodla group are using the detailed database well. They are leveraging this data to position their product efficiently. And targeting the right customers with the right product in an effective manner.


       4. Digital marketing and the Real Estate Industry:

Digital marketing is when companies market their product and services using digital platforms. These platforms can be social media sites, websites, and more. Digital marketing mainly involves the internet. However, there are forms of offline digital marketing too. With the advent of the internet and its increasing use and reach, digital marketing is now an integral part of the Real Estate Industry's businesses. To target customers effectively, a mere online presence is not enough. Digital marketing is being present online and using the database mentioned above in the blog to target customers broadly. Real estate companies such as Bodla group are using all the digital means necessary. It helps them reach out to potential consumers and provide their services. Companies can do digital marketing themselves. They can also hire a Digital marketing firm to do the job. Real estate companies can use several techniques in digital marketing. These techniques include SEO, SEM, SMM, content marketing, and more.


       5. Digital transactions and Book-keeping:

Transactions and book-keeping can be a real mess and time-consuming for the agents if they do it traditionally. However, today when we are moving towards digital banking and online transactions. The problem of managing huge transactions and saving time is less of a headache now. Digital or automated transactions are safer, and they don't involve paper. Agents and companies in Real Estate Industry can use several software. The software will make sure efficient, safe, and easy transactions. The modern and digital way of book-keeping is also very efficient and easy to manage. In addition, there are specific Real estate broker software. They have made the process very smooth, user-friendly, and easy to handle.


       6. Virtual Reality and 3D Modeling:

Virtual Reality has vastly changed the Real Estate Industry. The structure and design of your home or office are no longer dependent only on imagination and drawings. You don't have to wait until the complete construction to see what they will look like. You can watch and experience how your home or office before it is even completed. All of this is possible because of 3D Modeling and Virtual Reality. Designers and advertisers use this technology to promote their properties. It helps a lot to attract potential home buyers. Compared to when the technology was not available, it has sped up decision-making for potential customers.


Customers can also tour predevelopment or ready-to-move-in units from anywhere in the world. The Real Estate Industry and other businesses utilize this technology to provide prospective clients with a virtual experience. The developers can show off the progress of houses under construction and completed units by using devices such as Virtual Reality headsets. Companies such as Bodla group in Pakistan are planning to commercialize the potential of Virtual Reality. They will use it in selling both under-construction and finished property developments. It will allow buyers to walk through and experience the space even before construction begins.


       7. Easy and multiple modes of communication:

It is fair to say that tech advancements have revolutionized how we communicate. Remote communication is now easier than ever before. Moreover, it is fast too. It is much easier to collaborate and reach people quickly in the workplace using communication tools. Some of the main tools include social media, video chatting, and cloud-based systems. Technology has improved the efficiency and productivity of communication in the Real Estate Industry.


Speed is one of the most significant ways technology has changed how our world communicates. Messages that used to take days to reach people's inboxes now arrive in seconds. People don't have to show up in person for meetings. You don't have to wait for days to communicate important messages. Agents can now concentrate on what is essential in their jobs rather than on manual logistical processes. It is all thanks to advancements in technology.


The list doesn't end here. It goes on and on. We are more in control than we were 10 to 15 years ago. Technology is making things easier. You can have controlled property. Integrated and automated features at home are now possible. Real estate companies like Bodla group use the latest technology to improve their products and services. Their commitment is to improve the customer experience in the Real Estate Industry. Not only that they are getting success, but they are also creating a benchmark for their competition to follow.