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Business Hub DHA Multan

Business Hub DHA Multan

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01 Jul, 22

Commercial Real estate is the terminology that describes a broad class of real estate property. Consumers buy with the intent to earn profit from the price and income. This is when everyone wants to make a source of side earnings.

If you are looking for a business opportunity, then the business hub of DHA Multan is the best option for you. It is a project of Bodla Builders. In DHA Multan, it is being built to be the 1st dedicated multi-storied development. This project boasts apartments, office spaces, world-class shops, and many more to cater to the evolving urban needs of the present age individual residing in the busy metropolis. It is the first mega mall in DHA Mall and can be a famous business hub. It is designed to be a landmark project that sets a modern standard for all other real estate developments in the area.

About Business Hub

Business Hub is designed to meet the requirements and expectations of modern investors and genuine buyers regardless of whether they want to acquire the project’s corporate, commercial, and residential units. It is situated in Block K, Center Square, adjacent to Main Office DHA Multan.

It is a new age and progressive suburban community. In the city, it is a residential society that offers several business opportunities to investors. It will be successful because it features loads of facilities for the business owners and residents. The entire project is well-furnished with the modern facilities that all the investors and residents look for. This project strives to facilitate residents in all possible ways to offer the best things to all the customers with modern constructions, unique infrastructure, and new daily developments in society.

This project of Bodla Builders is highly innovative and is nationwide famous. DHA Multan’s Business Hub is popular in the real estate circle for its successful launch, investment opportunities, and development. Bodla Builders have introduced a successful project that will be recognized as a development landmark. With the talented portfolio, the team has done a great job.

What makes the Business hub an elite project?

Business Hub is the first multi-purpose mega mall of DHA Multan. It comes with the makings of becoming the city's new residential and commercial hotspot. Over 18 kanals, an eight-story building is constructed to offer maximum utility and top-notch fixtures and fittings. This venture provides many things that can attract consumers, such as;

  1. Corporate offices.
  2. Food Courts.
  3. Spacious commercial outlets.
  4. 1,2, and 3-bedroom apartments.
  5. If we discuss the location highlights and the interested buyers and investors, then it is a dynamic project in the country. For this venture's interested buyers and investors, it opens the door for opportunities. Due to many amenities, it provides excellent accessibility to the main city points. Learn more about the location heights of the venture.
  6. From the central city, 16 min drive.
  7. From Airport, 15 min drive.
  8. From Northern Bypass, 10 min drive.
  9. From Bahauddin Zakariya University main gate, 5 min drive.
  10. From the Institute of Southern Punjab, 2 min drive.

All these features are helpful for the investors to enjoy the success of their investment. Owning and buying real estate is an investment strategy that can be lucrative and satisfying. Unlike bond and stock investors, prospective real estate owners can enjoy the leverage to purchase the property by paying a part of the upfront cost and then paying off the remaining balance. Isn't it an excellent opportunity for you?

Amenities and Facilities

This project is undoubtedly packed with all the amenities that ensure that dwellers and visitors of the building are always well taken care of. Some of the amenities are here, such as

  1. The roads surround the building.
  2. High-speed escalators and elevators.
  3. Wheelchair facility.
  4. First-aid medical facility.
  5. Air-conditioned common areas and corridors.
  6. Easy and direct access to DHA Multan and the Central location of the city.
  7. 24-hours security with the CCTV monitoring.
  8. Four main entrances to Mall.
  9. Central fire protection system.
  10. Access to shops with double-entry options.
  11. Beautiful iconic facade.
  12. 24-power backup.
  13. Firefighting system.
  14. Central firefighting system.
  15. Underground parking of about 250 vehicles.
  16. Prayer rooms and mosque.

Why Invest in Business Hub DHA Multan?

The venture is in DHA Multan, which is highly innovative for buyers and investors. Business Hub is at a suitable location in the city. The 1st mega mall in the area makes it an ideal investment for business owners and retailers alike. In December 2023, Business Hub is expected to be delivered. This is the right time to invest here. This project comes with various features, facilities, and business opportunities. Not a single reason that can motivate you to invest. There are loads of benefits that can make you a successful investor. Learn more about the business opportunities here.

Rental Property

Owning rental properties can be the best opportunity for consumers who want to make a source of passive income. This is the best investment option for those who want to spend their lives in peace after retirement. It is ideal for those who have renovation skills and patience for tenants and property management. However, this factor does not need substantial capital to invest upfront maintenance costs to cover vacant months.

You can invest in buying residential and commercial properties in DHA Multan. In Business Hub, you can buy shops for rental purposes. It is the best source of regular income without much hassle. Through leverages, it maximizes your capital. It will not be tedious to manage tenants because the property management service here can be helpful for you. You do not need to worry about property management, maintenance, and rent recovery. The property management service here helps you do all these jobs without hassle.

Therefore, buying property, either residential or commercial, is beneficial here. The sales prices are very high and surpass pre crises levels. You will make a source of regular and pa passive income with this investment.

Shops in the Business hub

In the business hub, hundreds of shops are constructed in modern style. No doubt, it meets the needs of the current business industry so that you can buy these shops on every floor of the mall. No doubt, the mall is an exclusive space-themed mall offering top-notch facilities like innovative shops on all floors in the seven-story mall. The mall contains several features and invites you to explore the adventure and luxury world. Business hub promises consumers a memorable experience with family and friends. 

It can be the best option for those looking for opportunities for investing and trading. No matter you’re trading or business options, you can get the opportunity to take a solid start here. The business hub gives you a chance to open your shop in the mall and the conventional market. 

Business Hub DHA Multan Food Court Big shops are available for investors. The good thing about these shops is that they are available in installments. It is an excellent investment, and you can approach it for self-business and other investments. Due to the reasonable price range and easy installment, plans are very easy to access for all consumers.

The shopping mall features flooring tiles, central heating systems, central air conditioning, parking spaces, electricity backup generators, service elevator in the building, elevators, waste disposal, and many more. These facilities are highly suitable for modern consumers because they suit the current business industry.

Offices for the business and organizations

If you are looking for an attractive space for your office, then Business Hub offers you a modern office location. Business serviced offices and centers are the perfect solutions for business organizations. Whether you are going to establish your new business or a small setup, the offices here are highly exclusive and meet the standard of the modern business industry. These are well decorated with unique architecture and building materials. Therefore, you can take a solid start from here. Organize meetings with your new and old clients because the location is ideal. The offices are well-equipped with modern techniques and gear.

Increase the clientele base that helps you hit your target. Enjoy the best amenities that attract your clients, customers, and visitors to approach you easily. You can access the well-furnished conference room rented out for different business deals. You can organize your business events here, including hosting product launches, celebrating employee milestones, and important meetings. With the modern IT infrastructure, it becomes highly innovative to enjoy the comfort of the best office. 

Office space is constructed for the modern requirements of running a business. It is general and is ideal for catering to your business needs. You can choose the location as per the business nature, like a law firm, accounting business, or a medical office. You will get the benefit of the long-term leases. 

You can decorate your office with the latest furniture and other high-end gear because the location meets your business standard.


There are loads of benefits that you can attain with the investment in Business Hub DHA Multan. It includes forced price appreciation, tax advantages, income, portfolio diversification, etc. If you invest in DHA Multan, there are no risks, including public safety, cost, credit risk, market risk, etc. This venture has come into the market with a solid and reliable investment program. No doubt, there is potential and profit within real estate. In short, investing in DHA Multan is a highly beneficial and profitable opportunity for investors.