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Business Hub | A Project by Bodla Builders

Business Hub | A Project by Bodla Builders

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19 Nov, 21

BUSINESS HUB a Project by Bodla Builders is the Road to Success for those who have vision and urge to boost their businesses.

It is ideally located adjacent to DHA Main Office in the Center Square, overlooking the 300 Ft MB and easy to access through roads all around. The one and only key to success of any business is: The Location. BUSINESS HUB has all the right ingredients of the recipe for any Successful business.

Opportunities are always fewer and so are the winners, who become leaders in any industry, rest just follow the suit to jump on the bandwagon.

BUSINESS HUB will be the Hub of Leaders and Successful Businesses.

Join the family of WINNERS, own your share of prosperity in the FIRST BUILDERS MALL in South Punjab.

For details kindly contact:

Junaid Bodla: 0300-2555340

Aftab Bodla: 0300-6728888

Hassan Bodla: 0301-3337444

Usama Bodla: 0301-7442211

Exchange: 0304-1111567