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10 Tips to make your Home Eco-Friendly

10 Tips to make your Home Eco-Friendly

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29 Sep, 22

With each passing day we are seeing more and more people talking about the environment. It is a good initiative since our planet has been experiencing global warming. The reduction in the amount of trees planet wide and the huge increase of harmful gases released by auto motive vehicles and factories is extremely harmful. A lot of people now adays want to find ways to help the planet in any shape or form. Although planting trees is a very good step towards the agenda, you should also give serious consideration to your house. Inefficient use of energy sources is also one way of contributing towards global warming. There are multiple easy ways to convert your homes into Eco-friendly homes. Let’s dive straight into it and play our part in saving the planet.

What is the term Eco-friendly?

The term eco-friendly is used to refer to things that are safe for the planet Earth and cause no harm to it. There are many items that are used widely which are harmful for the planet for example: plastic products. To truly make an effort in saving the planet from further harm, we need to find alternatives to such harmful products. However, being Eco-friendly does not only mean using products that are not harmful to the planet. In efficient use of energy and wasting natural resources also causes damage to the planet. Eco-friendly includes all things, actions that help save natural resources and cause little to no harm to the planet. These can include using less water while showering and switching off unnecessary electrical appliances.

Why eco-friendly attitude is important?

The Earth is blessed with different types of natural resources. Some of them are used to produce power such as water, oil, gas etc. to name a few. These resources are crucial to man’s survival as all of our living depends on these resources. Using/ doing things that cause harm to the environment is very bad since it ultimately affects the living things.

A simple example to understand this can be of smoke from automobiles and factories etc. The smoke produced by automobiles, factories, burning waste etc. releases harmful chemicals in the environment that cause breathing problems and, in some cases, spread harmful diseases as well. Using public transportation instead of individual vehicles, avoiding burning things and finding ways to filter out the smoke from factories etc. can tremendously decrease the harmful effects on the environment. All of these things combined can make a positive and notable impact in improving the health of the planet.

How can you incorporate Eco-friendliness in your homes?

Homes are a big source of causing damage to the environment. That is mainly because of in efficient use of energy and wasting natural resources such as water and gas. If we pay some attention to it and take care of little things, it can have a huge impact. Here are some of the things you can do to play a part in saving the planet and making your home eco-friendly:

  • Using solar energy as an alternative to normal electricity

Solar energy has been gaining attention lately but it is way more useful than it is given the credit. Solar energy can be produced by simply installing solar panels on the roof of your house/ building. These solar panels absorb the sun’s rays and convert that into electricity. It is just like normal electricity with one difference that it is generated from sun rays. This is a very efficient solution as it causes no pollution contrary to coal generated electricity. Moreover, it is cheap to consume as well.

  • Using energy saving LED lights as an alternative to power hungry lights

Normal light bulbs such as filament bulbs etc. consume a lot of electricity. These not only waste a lot of electricity but are also heavy on the pocket as well. Using energy saving LED lights is the way to go because they are about 90% efficient. This is a much better solution as they not only provide better light coverage but also consume less energy. That ultimately saves money on energy bills as well. There are tons of companies that manufacture these energy saving lights.

  • Using energy efficient appliances

Nowadays there are plenty of electrical appliances that are focused towards efficiency. By energy efficiency in electrical appliances, we refer to how less power an appliance uses. Old appliances were not efficient at all because at that time the technology had not grown this time. To save on electricity you need to switch to appliances that are as energy efficient as possible. You can check how much electricity an appliance consumes in the user manual.

  • Using less water while showering

A lot of people like long relaxing hot water specially in the winters. It takes off all the stress and relaxes the mind and body. Although this may seem comforting but it wastes a lot of water. You can use all that water in other things such as washing clothes, dishes etc. Clean water is becoming more and more scarce and wasting it in activities such as long baths, washing cars etc. is a bad thing to do. If you are unsure whether your water consumption is abnormal, there are multiple smart devices that monitor your water consumption. This way you can track your water usage on a daily, weekly and monthly basis. You can then cut down your water consumption if it is more than the required amount.

  • Switching off electrical appliances when not in use

Electrical appliances are widely used now adays. From fans to televisions etc. we can see them everywhere. Our houses are littered with such devices and they consume a lot of energy. However, sometimes negligence takes over and we leave the room with such devices running unnecessarily for example: leaving a fan running in an empty room. You can save a lot of electricity if you take care of these small things. Although they may seem insignificant, collectively they cause a big effect. You should also switch off all the sockets that don’t have important devices plugged in. Another thing you can do is to unplug devices that don’t have an important task to perform. For example, letting the refrigerator run over night is fine but letting the television run all night while no one is watching is not okay. If you find it hard to check each device, power outlet separately, you can install smart devices that monitor power usage and switch them off using an interactive app.

  • Using smart thermostats to control the usage of gas

A lot of us turn the geyser on to take a hot bath but forget to turn it off. You may remember it when you’re cozy in your bed or while you’re away from home. Smart thermostats are the solution to that problem. You can set a timer that automatically turns gas on the set intervals. Moreover, you can turn the gas on and off remotely using a mobile app. This is a great way to conserve energy and it is a great way of saving money on gas. You can also install smart thermostats in buildings / homes that have central heating/ cooling systems installed.

  • Using bio degradable bags for disposing off trash

Plastic is a very harmful material that does not degrade over time. What this means is that it is dangerous if swallowed and also retains its form over years. This causes a lot of environmental pollution. When burned it releases highly toxic materials in the air that cause breathing problems and other dangerous diseases. A great solution can be to replace plastic products with bio degradable materials. Go green initiative has really highlighted the importance of such materials and you can easily buy such materials from a local store as well online stores. A lot of super markets have already shifted to the green initiative and have ditched plastic bags for the greater good. However, if your nearby shop still uses plastic bags it is advised to buy bio degradable eco-friendly bags from places that sell them. This way the shop owners will also have to end up keeping them at their stores.

  • Fixing leaks in the house

A major reason why a lot of electricity gets wasted in households is because of leaks. They can be in the ventilation system or water pipes or central air conditioners/ heaters. The reason they waste so much energy is because the cooling/ heating systems fail to achieve the required temperature because of the leaks and they keep running continuously, wasting a lot of energy. Moreover, leaks and cracks in windows also let a lot of air go which also plays a role in changing the temperature of the room. An effective solution is finding the leaks and fixing them and installing insulation materials under doors and around window trims. This will help you in saving a lot of electricity as the air will stay inside instead of going out. Similarly, water leaks waste a lot of water. This can cause other damages as well such as causing short circuit in electrical systems if the water goes inside etc. Thus, you should pay close attention to such leaks and fix them on the first sight of identification.

  • Using insulation throughout the house

Instead of using central heating all the time to bring room temperature to an optimum level, you can use insulations in your house. It is a one-time investment and it saves you a lot of money in the longer run. Moreover, they are environment friendly as they are made from recycled material. This is a great way to conserve energy as the thick insulation makes sure your heat does not go to waste. A lot of companies also perform leak tests while installing them so it can be a great investment.

If you’re worried that you live in too cold a city and the heat insulation may not work in your area then there’s a surprise for you as well. There are different kinds of insulations for the kind of requirement. Just find the insulation that suits your needs and get it installed. It would be a great investment and would definitely be a good step towards saving the environment.

  • Using technology such as digital twins

Digital twins are a great way to model your homes and then monitor it by collecting data from Internet Of Things (IOT) devices and smart sensors. These devices are a good way to check for faults or changes in the house such as leaks etc. You can also take actions based on the predictions created by the system on the basis of real time data collection.

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